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ABOUT projectbureau-X

From intricate requests to minor tasks: We handle it all!


It doesn’t matter to us what kind of ideas you bring to us. It can be something that only lives inside your mind, an advanced and detailed blueprint or a concept that you worked out on a napkin at the bar. You should consider us to be a creative agency with a background in the most unique and diverse projects.


First meetup 

The first meetup we will discuss your ideas to figure out what you have envisioned. 

After that we will create a proposal based on the discussions. We like to create one or more concepts to provide you with multiple different perspectives on your idea, to ensure that we pick the right direction. If you only need technical drawings or production work we can skip this phase and will give you a definitive business proposal. 

When we reach agreement about the terms, we will start the three-dimensional modeling process on our computers. This way we can tackle any technical or aesthetic challenges that may arise, before we started physically developing your idea. Our team consists of artists, product designers and industrial designers. When needed we also can call in the help from our diverse network of freelance specialists. 


Follow-up process

In our experience, every project is unique and vastly different, which means that the follow-up process is not set in stone. We will keep you informed during the process and are available in case you have questions or want to discuss possible modifications. For each project we will assign one contact in charge of the communication.  

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