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Interior design for ARCH academy

Design: Stas Kokke & Floor Nijdeken

client: Arch Acadamy

Realization: projectbureau-x & Ign_re projects

Activities: Full Interior

Photography: Rolf Hensel

At Buitenplaats Koningsweg a large group of creatives and entrepreneurs lives and works in a complex of former barracks. Arch Academy is a training center for body care and marketing located in the former canteen.

With the move to this impressive location and the launch of a new corporate identity, a recognizable training facility was the next step. The space hosts both classes as well as individual courses, and the room is also used for recording podcasts and videos. The briefing was clear: recognizable, distinctive and flexible.

The new corporate identity and the use of social media gave us reason for an outspoken color palette. By approaching the high elongated space with the original truss as a canvas for color planes, a functional zoning of the space has been created.

In the original plans the toilet would be a low volume in the corner. We proposed to integrate the toilet in a thickened mezzanine. This emphasizes the height and width of the room and creates extra storage space and a DJ booth on the first floor, with a kitchen integrated on the ground floor.

The custom-made furniture is designed with functionality and color in mind. All the yellow furniture is mobile: with 6 workstations and a movable bar, the space can be freely divided and adapted to the program or function of the day.


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